Calimatic TCM

Time Card Management System provides the flexible and enhanced way of managing your Timesheets, Time-Offs, Expenses and Approvals.

Time Card Management

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Overview of Calimatic TCM

Timesheets, Time Offs, Expenses, Approvals, Analytics

TCM Features

Setup Assignments

  • Everything for time card management in a single spot.
  • Manage assignments within a project using start and end dates to setup and create assignments.
  • Easily assign tasks to different employees/users based on their training and qualification level.
  • Users can create their own time sheets for the hours spent on each task.

Assign Users to Assignments

  • Determine the best users for particular tasks.
  • Increase productivity by assigning each task to a user qualified in specific area.
  • Assign access to team’s project manager, resource manager or time card admin to assign different assignments to different users.
  • Right tasks assigned to the right users ensuring high team productivity.

Assign Approvers for Users

  • Assign certain team members as approvers for other users
  • Extremely easy for approvers to survey all time sheets and cards directed to them.
  • Select the most reliable person to validate and approve employee time sheets.
  • Ensure all submitted employee time sheets are authenticated
  • Complete insight into time performance of each and every employee

Assign Approvers for Assignments

  • Appoint a time card admin or a project manager to approve all assignments that go through the portal.
  • Ability to look-over assignments for flaws and errors.
  • Create sub-categories within the assignments to outline particular project undertakings.

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