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Project Management provides the ability to support different industry standard processes/methodologies while providing huge number of features that helps your Teams to increase their productivity. Simplified setup gives great flexibility to support multiple Teams for multiple projects.

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Calimatic Project Management

Easy to use with wide range of functionalities enables the Team Members to Plan, Manage and Execute the work seamlessly.

PM Features

Supports Multiple SDLC Processes/Methodologies (like Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall)

  • Provides the ability to create, manage & track Projects with any of the Process template that fits your team processes.
  • Industry standard features for each of the Process template.
  • Deep integration to any of the products and modules within Calimatic ALM solution.

Supports most Business Processes and Domains

  • Supports almost all industry standard business processes & domains of Project Management (like Health Care, Finance, Retail, Sales, etc.).
  • Enables to create and manage processes that embeds into the Project Management workflow.
  • Integration with other products of Calimatic provides more depth to manage & track your Business Domains.

Product Backlogs

  • Create, manage and organize your Product Backlog work items (Epics, Features, User Stories and Defects).
  • Industry standard information capturing capabilities (like Assignment, Estimates, Work log, Acceptance Criteria, Priority, Links, Tags, Due Date, etc.) for each backlog work item.
  • Different effort capturing abilities like Story Points, T-shirt sizing and Fibonacci series.

Backlog Grooming / Refinement

  • Provides the ability for the Product owners to organize the work items in priority order for better Sprint/Iteration Planning.
  • Simple and easy way to view the information for prioritizing the work items.
  • Features like Effort, Discussions, Acceptance Criteria and Priority helps with faster and better backlog grooming or Refinement.

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