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Portfolio-Program Management simplifies yet covers a wide range of features that drives towards greater agility. Defining, Managing and Tracking of PPM Work items with integration to other products like Project, Quality, Release and Service Management gives an in-depth visibility and flexibility.

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Portfolio Program Management

Providing an array of tools and modules to improve your business aptitude and team productivity

PPM Features

Multiple Entities Management

  • Provides the great flexibility to Define, Manage and Track all PPM activities at the company level or at multiple entities level.
  • Efficiently manage security/access for individual entities and its team members
  • Cohesively track and monitor the progress of multiple entities and their portfolios and programs.

Portfolio Program Management Tool

Strategic Planning

  • Organize your Company’s or Entity’s strategic planning through Mission, Vision, Value Statements, Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics.
  • Track Company/Entity progress to be in-sync with the goal achievement deadlines

Calimatic PPM Strategic Planning

Full SAFe Capabilities

  • Supports Full Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
  • Enables to Plan, Manage, Execute and Track from Enterprise Portfolio level to Team level including operations

Calimatic Full Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

PPM Planning

  • Create and Manage your Portfolio-Program Management (PPM) work items (Themes, Initiatives, Epics and Features) with extensive details.
  • Prioritize your PPM work items and make sure they are aligned with your organization or entities strategic items.
  • Multiple features and capabilities provide the depth of the Planning that you will not miss any information to be captured, planned, managed and tracked.

Calimatic PPM Planning


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