Calimatic IT Service Management

The complicated and challenging IT Service Management is made simple and robust with all the functionalities you need at a competitive price.

IT Service Management

IT service management tools

ITSM tools

IT service management software

Overview of Calimatic IT Service Management

Incidents, Service Requests, Tickets, Problems, Change Management and Analytics.

ITSM Features

Incidents Management

  • Managing your Production support process along with integration to Project Management supports better process management.
  • Conduct incident management using an integrated incident command system.
  • Easy to identify incidents by investigating and refuting incidents for future repetition.
  • Recognize and mitigate incidents that are detrimental to productivity and operational structure.
  • Ensure issues are dealt with in a swift and hassle-free manner.

Service Requests Forms Creation

  • Automated unlimited service requests forms.
  • Create information forms for multiple projects, no matter how big, small, simple or complex it is.
  • Cover every detail in written and understandable manner.

Service Requests Management

  • Efficiently deal with all customer requests regarding a product/service and provide consistent support to the customers.
  • Offers to manage an array of customer requests including project requests, IT service requests, application development requests and more.
  • Track and evaluate the performance of all the requests received by constantly provide an improved experience to the clients.

Tickets Forms Creation

  • Effective ticket customer ticket handling to help determine the field a customer ticket should go to.
  • Extremely innovative tools to create ticket forms with ease.
  • Options to create multitude of support request forms for clients.
  • Create custom ticket fields from a large set of pre-defined ticket fields.

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