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Free Automated Quality Test

Test Management product with extensive Automation capabilities

Free Automated Quality Test
Test your application or website with a no-code real-time automated test.

When we say Calimatic is easy, we put our money where our mouth is. We want to run a free, no-code automated quality test on your website or application for you. Within minutes, you’ll see a report on any bugs, errors, or optimizations that can be made. You’ll get an idea of just how easy it is to manage your quality testing with Calimatic and walk away with a bug-less site in the meantime.

What you get
  • Tour of our proprietary, no-code automated testing module
  • Real-time analytics about the test execution status
  • Free automated test across multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Cross-browser and OS testing within minutes
  • Free integration into only existing scripts you have for a more detailed test
  • Live automation results and detailed test results

There’s no catch. When you see how easy it is to automate, we hope you’ll want to try the entire Calimatic platform.

High-Level Features

Explore our high level features to get the insights of Calimatic QM

  • Test Management
  • Automation
  • Parallel Execution
  • Analytics
Built-in Automation Framework (No Coding Required)

Calimatic eliminates the time consuming and complicated maintenance with a robust framework of automated coding.

Test Cases Management

Easily create, import and track manual and automated test cases.

Manual Test Execution with Defect Tracking

Detailed analytics provide you with real-time information about your execution status.

Automation Test Execution

Execute automation test scripts across multiple platforms by recording your web app or creating data driven automation scripts or including any open-source automation scripts.

Open source scripts integration

Integrate your existing open source scripts with Calimatic QM for multiple execution capabilities and easy test management.

Automation Execution on cloud

Execute your automation tests on the Cloud by integrating to cloud service providers like BrowserStack or Sauce Labs.

Parallel Automation Executions

Save on cost and time by creating execution configurations with numerous parallel combinations that can be easily implemented.

Cross Browser & cross OS automation

Calimatic gives you the flexibility to run cross browser testing on your machine or on the cloud.

Leverage the parallel/concurrent automation execution capabilities across operating systems.

Automation Scheduling

Automatically schedule test be executed and get detailed results from cross browser, cross OS and distributed execution tests.

Live Automation Results & Detailed Test Results

Business users’ engagement in automation execution inspires confidence and trust in your automation processes.

Get powerful analytics for all automation executions including business readable results, data driven results, technical logs, screenshots and videos.

Dashboards, Analytics & Reports

Standard Analytics/Charts

Calimatic simplifies analytics and charts with multi-level information and intuitive charts.


Standard Reports

See real time reporting information and share it with your team members and executives. Get automated updates to save time and improve transparency/traceability.


Custom Analytics/Charts

Use Calimatic to create custom charts to highlight the data that is most important and relevant to you.

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