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      Achieve your Strategic Goals with centralized planning and management of your Portfolios and Programs along with Enterprise scalability

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      Extensive Test Automation and Test Management capabilities within built-in frameworks helping you to reduce cost & get quick ROI

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      Low cost enterprise solutions for your Service management that handles Incidents, Problems, Solutions, Service Requests, Tickets

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      Project Management (PM)

      Most efficient Agile Project Management product that supports different businesses and provides easy Agile adaptability

      Release Management (RM)

      Release Planning and Execution is made simple for your Team with both Process and Technical integrations while achieving DevOps capabilities

      Time Card Management (TCM)

      Get the flexibility of Time tracking integration through out your application life cycle management and business processes

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Calimatic Project Management (PM)

Brings real Agility to the Teams

Why Calimatic PM?

Calimatic PM is an all-in-one project management tool you will ever need. Easily and quickly manage your team’s workflow, track time and achieve goal-oriented results!

High-Level Features

Explore our high level features to get the insights of Calimatic QM

  • Creation
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Analytics
Agile Backlog & Grooming

Take advantage of the detailed features to pre-plan your sprints and iterations. Calimatic also makes it easy to create repetitive tasks and checklists so that tasks and common activities are not overlooked.

Take care of the most urgent orders first by ranking them in priority with Calimatic PM. Collaborate with other team members when you use features like effort, discussions, acceptance criteria and priority.

Agile Work Items

Independently manage each backlogged work item with industry standard information capturing capabilities.

Kanban, Backlog & Task Boards

Multiple boards let you easily separate and rank projects by team and urgency. Real-time updates keep you informed on the status of each project.

Agile Project Planning

Sprint/Iteration planning is made robust and efficient with easy drag & drop of User Stories or Defects while providing the capacity view.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning integrates with your agile project planning so you can make informed sprint planning decisions. You can also take full advantage of each team members’ abilities by maximizing talent allocation.

Simple Project Management with List, Grid & Board views

With simple task management in 3 different views provides a great way and simplicity to manage your projects while still providing customizations and functional depth.

Assets Management

Different views and Custom filters in a single location provides an easy way to manage all of your Assets (User Stories & Defects).

Defect Tracking

Get access to the defect tracking tool to manage all your project defects in a single location.

Pre-defined Tasks or Definition of Done

Keep everything organized and automated by using tasks and checklists while making sure all steps are completed chronologically.

Team Retrospective

Get key insights to retrospect your agile process iterations and sprints as well as powerful collaboration tools. Calimatic helps you keep you team informed and ready to take the next step for your retrospective items.

Dashboards, Analytics & Reports

Standard Analytics/Charts

Calimatic simplifies analytics and charts with multi-level information and intuitive charts.


Standard Reports

See real time reporting information and share it with your team members and executives. Get automated updates to save time and improve transparency/traceability.


Custom Analytics/Charts

Use Calimatic to create custom charts to highlight the data that is most important and relevant to you.

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