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      Portfolio-Program Management (PPM)

      Achieve your Strategic Goals with centralized planning and management of your Portfolios and Programs along with Enterprise scalability

      Quality Management (QM)

      Extensive Test Automation and Test Management capabilities within built-in frameworks helping you to reduce cost & get quick ROI

      IT Service Management (ITSM)

      Low cost enterprise solutions for your Service management that handles Incidents, Problems, Solutions, Service Requests, Tickets

      On Premises

      Install the products and solutions in your environment or servers

      Project Management (PM)

      Most efficient Agile Project Management product that supports different businesses and provides easy Agile adaptability

      Release Management (RM)

      Release Planning and Execution is made simple for your Team with both Process and Technical integrations while achieving DevOps capabilities

      Time Card Management (TCM)

      Get the flexibility of Time tracking integration through out your application life cycle management and business processes

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Portfolio-Program Management (PPM)

The real power for Executives and Managers

Why Calimatic PPM?

Get the complete visibility for your Programs to take the right decisions. You can still achieve this with integrations even if you are using other tools for certain areas like Project Management, Service Management, etc.

High-Level Features

Explore our high level features to get the insights of Calimatic PPM

  • PPM Planning
  • Boards, Budget & Demand
  • Management
  • Analytics
Strategic Planning

PPM lets you start with your targets and work backwards to develop a foolproof plan for product success. Use strategic planning to line up with deadlines as well as mission, vision and value statements.

Program Planning

More details and information allow you to make the best decisions. Calimatic Planning lets you prioritize different tasks and segment them into simpler sub-tasks based on importance and sequence.

Scale as you Grow

Calimatic PPM is built for any company size (Startup, Small, Medium, Enterprise, Company with several Entities or Line of Businesses)

All of the tools necessary to manage a variety of products across different entities are at your fingertips. With Multiple entities management you can define, manage and track the progress of all activities across multiple entities, portfolios and programs.

PPM Boards (bringing Agility to Programs)

Unified collaboration is one of the strongest assets of any business. Calimatic’s boards facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and progress tracking

Budget Management

Drive your business forward with the best financial information available. PPM offers key analytics at the micro and macro levels as well as defining budgets over different periods of time.

Demand/Resource Management

PPM’s precise and effective resources management tool keeps you up-to-date so you can keep up with demand for your product.

The detailed views for your Demand Management to take the right decisions:

  • Demand View in %
  • Demand View in hours
  • Capacity Vs Demand View
  • FTE (Full Time Equivalent) View
Risks & Issues Management

Minimizing risk puts you in a position to make calculated and strategic decisions about your product. PPM provides you with the latest data to manage portfolios, programs and project risks. Our Risk Matrix outlines the shortest path towards risk mitigation.

Issues and delays are an unavoidable part of any business and the best way to overcome them is to adapt as quick as possible. Calimatic provides the best insights to help seamlessly create action and resolution plans.

SAFe Compatible

Calimatic ALM is Full SAFe compatible for Enterprise Scalability. Calimatic PPM provides the features to support SAFe in the following areas:

  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Business Solutions and Lean Systems
  • Lean Program Management
  • Agility for Enterprise Program Management
Idea Management

Defining Challenges and driving your employees for ideation is made simple and efficient. Collect, Prioritize and Analyze ideas with ease to make more innovation.

Dashboards, Analytics, Roadmaps


Planning the entire cycle of your project out with roadmaps makes success more timely and more likely. Guide your daily projects with a fixed timeline that’s based on goals, strategies, objectives and tactics.


Standard Analytics/Charts

Measurements and indicators are a prerequisite for improving results across the board. Calimatic gives you better tracking and visibility across different teams and levels of information.


Standard Reports

Sharing the most accurate and latest information with key decision makers helps daily business run smoothly. Share real-time information with your team members through PDF’s and schedule automated email reports to save time.


Custom Analytics/Charts

Build and create an endless array of charts to help your team grasp key ideas and conceptualize goals.

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