About Calimatic

About us

Solving complex business problems is always challenging, time-consuming and costly. As IT professionals we have spent a lot of years helping our clients solve multiple technical and business challenges. We have learned that the solutions available in the market either needs a lot of customizations or spend a lot of money but still did not achieve the required results.

Using our extensive experience and research, we have spent time architecting frameworks that solve complex problems and built flexible, robust and efficient solution – Calimatic.

We started Calimatic with Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) products especially with Quality Management product as our focus to build a Testing solution that would extensively validate our platforms. The journey of expanding the creation of high-value products has since then evolved and felt very proud of the way our platforms have shaped up. Our customer’s responses resonate the same feeling and we are very excited about our future scope.

The goal of our solutions focuses around providing – 

  • High Quality Results
  • Quick ROI
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Business workflow customizations
  • Efficient Analytics
  • Integrated Solution

Our History